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When hiring an appraisal firm, you want to hire a company with knowledge of the market, the assets, and the environment in which the assets are used.  That's how to get meaningful assessments!    The company you select must also possess the ability to clearly communicate the findings in a meaningful way for lenders, insurance companies, and potential buyers or investors.  Bus Appraisal Solutions is that company!

How to get the Best Appraisals

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Bus Appraisal Solutions, LLC (BASLLC) is a dedicated group of professionals who have spent their careers working in all aspects of the bus, coach, and transportation industry. Unlike other appraisal firms, we haven't dabbled in airplane or railcar appraisals.   Our focus has remained the same over the decades, while our knowledge and tools are state-of-the-art to provide the best appraisals

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After thirty years, Bus Appraisal Solutions has become extremely proficient in providing you with a smooth and seamless appraisal experience.   Our goal is to learn as much as possible about your operation, the buses you operate, how you care and preserve the value of your assets and then communicate our findings in the appraisal report, all without being disruptive to your operation.

How do we provide Appraisals?